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    Faire Broderie is a collection of minimal, trendy embroidered hats that is unique and meaningful. Handmade is always more special, especially when it's made to order. With customization options for hat and thread colors, you'll end up with the perfect headwear. 

    By making things ourselves in our little studio in Dallas, Texas, we can be sure we're creating your baseball hat how you'd want it to be made. Production in our studio ensures a minimal impact on the environment. We source the best quality baseball hats, carefully embroidering each hat by hand. We take pride in handcrafting each hat especially for you.



    Chanel Nguyen

    faire broderie owner

    Hey there!! I am the founder behind Faire Broderie. In 2016 while I was in college, I sewed hats by hand, stitch by stitch, with a needle and embroidery floss. Etsy was where I made my first sale and the rest is history.

    The stitches from my needle and thread through fabric relaxes me. The passion to create something unique with my hands brings me so much joy. Embroidering came to something I love to do because the subject matters are is versatile and limitless. Illustrations that I have drawn and converted into an embroidered piece are unique in style. The individual beauty of a piece comes from the little imperfections of handmade work. 

    Feel free to message if you see a piece you are interested or if you would like to get quotes for a custom order. I am happy to discuss your ideas with special meaning into the work to add a personal touch. If you want to see stories behind my work, updates, and promotions, follow me on Instagram @fairebroderie.

    Thank you so much for popping by faire broderie. Happy Exploring!