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    How to Hang Your Hats

    How do you hang your hats? That is such a good question, where do you store some of your most prized possessions? Have no fear, we are here to answer all the most frequently asked questions and more.

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    HATS OFF TO: Chanel

    Hi! I am the owner and maker, well EVERYTHING behind Faire Broderie. I wear many hats both figuratively + literally. Whatever hat I'm wearing: daughter, fiancé, boss lady, traveler, sister, friend - I do so with effortlessly (including the hats I literally wear).

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    Tips For Cleaning Your Hat

    Cleaning your hat can be a delicate task. Whether you need to give it a light cleaning to refresh and revamp your Faire Broderie cap or you literally wear your hat every day and you would put it through the washing machine if you could, we've got the tips, tricks, and hacks for keeping your hat looking brand new and squeaky clean.

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    Behind the Stitch: Wildflower

    This may be my most favorite design I have created so far! I love the simplicity of the floral design and the meaning behind it. This represents my company, Faire Broderie.

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